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Step into a rich tradition practiced for Centuries halfway around the world. Lounge with us as you sink into a stack of our outstanding pillows and cushions. Lose yourself in the dim lighting throughout the lounge. Sahara Shisha Cafe offers a large assortment of flavored tobaccos. Whether you’re coming in alone, on a date, or with a large group, you’ll find Sahara Shisha Cafe a casual, friendly, inviting location.

Sahara Shisha Cafe has built an authentic Egyptian shisha cafe that brings elegance and attention to detail for the best shisha experience around. Today, Sahara Shisha Cafe offers over 60 tobacco flavors to be used in 10 specialty hookahs. In addition to the best hookah experience, Sahara offers the first hookah with ice in the head in America. This is the smoothest smoking hookah you will experience in ALL of the United States!

On our menu, you will find we offer the perfect mix of must-have familiar sides & desserts, as well as satisfying sandwiches, hot beverages & refreshing cold beverages, to complete the best smoking experience around.

In our cafe, you will experience an extraordinary level of service and attention to detail from the finest staff available. The knowledge and the way we treat our associates is a secret ingredient in our recipe for success.

Welcome to Sahara Shisha Cafe where you will find many options to choose from for smoking, eating, and drinking. All of it is delicious and healthy!

Owner, Jalal Radwan (left)

On the set of I am Wrath, starring John Travolta, pictured here with Director, Chuck Russell (right).

The film was shot at Sahara Shisha Cafe, summer 2015.

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